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4 / 5

Part slasher flick part serial drama, Harper’s Island will not fail at sucking you in right out of the gate. A one-season series Produced by Jon Turteltaub (Jericho, National Treasure) presents a group of friends traveling back to their hometown of Harper’s Island for their best friend’s wedding. Unbeknownst to some of the guests is the island’s history and its direct effect on past and present residents; a history gruesomely reborn with the wedding party’s arrival to the island.¬† As wedding guests begin to disappear and suspect lists begin to narrow it’s pleasing to know that the show’s payoff is more than satisfying and — to those who have watched their fair share of slasher films — pleasingly unpredicatble. The planned one season for the show proved perfect as it avoided chances of becoming stale and allowed room for production value and surprisingly good acting¬† eliminating the shows potential plunge into “cheesy.”