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May 28, 2010 Leave a comment

9.5 / 10

Who would have thought that Rocksteady Games, a fairly fledgeling developing company, would have their second project be the juggernaut of a game it has turned out to be. Expectedly in the running for game of the year, alongside Assassins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Game of the Year Recipient Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Batman: Arkham Asylum heavily appeals to gamers of any particular skill/commitment level; and, if you’re into the comics and the whole Batman thing, you may even learn a thing or two.

If you’re looking for a game with smooth gameplay this is your game. The opening minutes of the game you’ll immediately realize that. Fighting sequences in this game are unmatched by others, and future games will no doubt take traces of this game’s astounding gameplay success and incorporate it into future titles. Button mashers beware, hand to hand combat in this game is very sensitive, what button mashing may have helped you with in other games WILL NOT help you in this game. Hand to hand combat is easy, but a great deal of patience is required to build the largest combinations possible. Like other games variations score big points, so while fighting opponents you’ll be prompted during combinations to vary your moves, which as you’ll see will be nothing other than personally rewarding for Batman, and any upgrades that become available throughout the game. The more varied your combinations the more points (duh!), and the quicker you’ll be able to purchase items from “WayneTech.” WayneTech is a branch of Wayne enterprises where Batman gathers his equipment; a pleasing callback to avid fans of the comics and series.

Fight Scarecrow, Bane, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and more! Solve an array of demented riddles from the Riddler; gather his trophies, and along the way unlock biographies of all the characters of Batman, heroes AND villians. This is a great way to read more into character backstories including factual insight like names, aliases, and their overall involvement in the all-encompassing Batman story. For existing fans of Batman you will love it, and for new fans you’ll find it capturing and interesting. As you progress in the story you’ll see that increasingly difficult obstacles arise, but not to worry. As you progress in the story all your newly acquired WayneTech equipment will guide you through any dead ends you may encounter: whether its the batclaw for propelling you up previously unscalable buildings, batarangs stunning armed enemies, or upgrading your armor – an importantly overlooked upgrade which is most helpful for the frequent “Boss” battles in Arkham Asylum.

Be sure to frequently, if not always use Detective mode, the stand-out feature of Arkham Asylum. Detective Mode, similar to Assassins Creeds’ Eagle Eye,¬†allows you to see items that are not visible through Batmans regular view. Detective mode assists in viewing objects that are potentially breakable, so Batman can get around easier and more stealthily, or, Detective mode will help you follow blood and alcohol trails that are necessary to tracking down clues throughout the story. Detective mode also helps identify batclaw points; batclaw points are where Batman can propel himself to higher ledges or objects. Their are many rooms in Arkham Asylum that are filled with both armed and unarmed prisoners (use detective mode to identify the armed and unarmed, red prisoners are armed, blue are unarmed). As the game deepens you’ll find that most rooms have NO unarmed guards and you’ll begin to see prisoners with tazers, but not to worry. Propelling up to objects (like ledges, gargoyles, etc) will allow you to move around unnoticed and plot an opportune time to take down one guard at a time. Be patient in situations like these; if you’re patient enough when prisoners get close to your location you’ll be button prompted to glide kick or drop and grab them. You’ll see that if your patient prisoners spread apart enough to make this as hazard free as possible. People make the mistake of not using Detective mode enough, and my recommendation to them is that you’ve likely missed a handful of breakable walls that have either lead to Riddler Trophies, Character Bio’s, Interview Tapes, or other important items throughout the span of the game. Did i mention you need to be patient?

Overall the game is a must play for any gamer, fan or no fan of Batman. Remember that combo attacks are very fluid, so sideline your button mashing impulses and plan your combo’s well; the higher your combo’s the more points, and the more points the more frequently you’ll be upgrading Batman. Use these points and upgrades to make present your unstoppable abilities to various Bosses, all of whom are impressively captured by the games design and art team. Don’t forget, a good portion of the game’s story involves tracking down clues using Detective Mode, so be sure to use it to your advantage. As you begin to progress through the game you’ll be pleased to see a “Challenge Mode” bar at the main menu. Transfer your acquired skills from playing the Batman story to climb the online ranks of Challenge Mode. Their is a good mix of maps in this mode, some of which are strictly fighting and combo related, as others involve more stealth objectives, like taking out a room of armed guards in a designted amount of time. Either way, their are enough challenge maps and difficulties to keep you playing Arkham Asylum well after you’ve beaten it.