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4 / 5

Post-apocalyptic worlds aren’t anything new to video games. If you track releases back over the past three to four years with the plot device in mind their would be a lot to count, especially the inclusion of releases and upcoming releases in 2011. While the genre is considered common game developers have succeeded in creating games that maintain a true identity and are still enjoyable, without success based solely on the popularity of the genre. Ninja Theory follows up their 2007  release of Heavenly Sword with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The game play is reminiscent of Heavenly Sword and is without doubt the games strong point–attack mechanics are smooth and intuitive and scaling buildings and jumping from one beam to the next before it begins to crumble before your eyes brings back exciting moments from a first play through of Uncharted 2. The post-apocalyptic New York City setting is beyond over-done but the game did a nice job of not straying too far from its aforementioned strengths. With a lot of post-apocalyptic games slated for release this year, there is no question that the genre will be left with few original approaches to carry on strong down the road.

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