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Part of PSN’s summer sale, Fat Princess provides as much mayhem as it does calories. While XBOX live still proves to feature better exclusive downloadable titles (Crackdowns, Limbo, Snoopy Flying Aces) FAT PRINCESS is without question a step in the right direction for the Playstation Network. Fat Princess is a fairytale story whose premise is to rescue the captured princess and reunite her with her royal family and ever-so-cherished cake.  Online games are plentiful and require “fattening” your princess with cake to keep her from being captured. There are five modes: Rescue the Princess, Snatch and Grab, Soccer, Invasion and Team Death match, all of which just as fun and challenging as the next. The “Fat Roles” DLC pack has added three new costumes: Ninja, Pirate and the ever-present Giant adding to the games contagious versatility and charm. Disregard for rescuing and capturing the princess is often prevalent as most gamers are more content with killing eachother but only slightly takes away from the games’ overall lure.  

  1. Raleigh Cobb
    October 9, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Dan, finally stopped though. Nice work here. Keep it up!


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