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The question that seems most interesting to analyze isn’t what True Blood is, rather what it’s becoming. It’s selfish to think that Season 3 hasn’t provided us with a considerable arc in the story to lead us through to its (sigh) inevitable conclusion. Could the King of Mississippi have been genuine in his remarks of aligning supernaturals to gain power?

Ever since the Godric and Eric flashback to World War 2 earlier this season we were to believe the werewolves’ “master” is in fact vampire. Taking into account this once secret and punishably frowned upon allegiance — as well as Eric’s tie-in with the slaughter of his family — we have evidence that vampires, or at least the King of Mississippi in this particular case, is acquiring his power and wealth through collective terror. While It’s impossible to say how long Russell sticks around for, he will without a doubt  play a big part in perhaps turning the True Blood story in a direction we all would see coming; a growing resistance and possible war between humans and vampires.

It’s an obvious but still interesting idea to entertain. The fact that we were so quickly introduced to a chat-happy reverend of a church with a frighteningly clear motive and a second season packed with hints towards potential war, I suppose it does seem obvious. Season 2 is a discussion for another day but it’s unfortunate to say a lot of things went wrong. The abandonment of the Fellowship of the Sun this season only leads me to believe that they’ll be back soon. It’s impossible to disregard them; somehow the writer’s of this show wish to grant fans zero clarity on the repercussions/continued involvements in their obvious illegal actions towards vampires. This isn’t something that can be so easily disregarded and in the discussion of the future of True Blood it would only help better unfold this potential direction of war. It’s a real intriguing parallell; season 2 presenting an inherent threat to vampires (Fellowship of the Sun), and now season 3 the opposite (Russell Edgington/Werewolves).

Now set to marry the Queen of Louisiana, Russell is only getting stronger. His distaste for the Majestor and the laws bestowed upon vampires only leads me to believe that his quest for power and dominance will extend far beyond the hierarchy of vampires. His involvements — if he sticks around — could be a contributing reason to heightening the already significant tension between vampires and humans as well as help unveil the mystery and importance of Sookie Stackhouse. While fans of the show may prefer a different conclusion, this show’s thematic attachment to race and bigotry among those races (supernaturals, fellowship of the sun, vampires) has provided fans with a fairly convincing argument this could all end predictably; in bloodshed.

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