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6.5 / 10

For a game that bares the ending to one of the most popular and succesful video game franchises, it comes with great disappointment to recommend that it may be more satisfying to READ about Resident Evil 5 rather than play it. How many times exactly will this virus mutate? With these repeated mutations comes frighteningly difficult and unsatisfying changes to the Resident Evil games you’re most familiar with playing; changes that were executed fairly well in RE4, and blown ridiculously out of proportion in RE5.

The minute you come into contact with a room full of zombies unloading machine gun rounds in your direction is likely when you’ll ask yourself if this is REALLY a Resident Evil Game you’re playing. The Nemesis was one thing, but the evolution and abilities of these zombies in RE5 should have been equally complimented by a more manageable and smoother gameplay system whether it broke the traditional mechanics of Resident Evil or not.  The introduction of “Los Ganados” was an effective twist in the series, and it is partly, among other things of course, what collected such acclaim for Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 5 introduces Majini’s; These new enemies (they shouldnt even be called zombies at this point) have improved jumping ability, and overall dominant physical capabilities, which frustratingly renders the Resident Evil engine meaningless.

While running may SEEM like it’s helpful it really isn’t. You’ll find yourself often running to safety, either because of an overwhelming battle with these new holycrapninjasuperzombies, or allowing yourself just enough time to change your weapon or use a health. Yes, RE5 does NOT allow you to change weapons in your pause menu inventory so prepare to find yourself immersed in a sea of enemies more frequently than you would like, HOPING you’ll change your weapon or click your health spray in time (good luck). Ammunition is as scarce as you remember, you’ll expectedly find yourself at parts where the knife is your only friend, and an unreliable one at that. It’s difficult to conserve ammo when it takes so damn much of it to kill these new zombies so be sure to equip your partner with plenty of extra to cover you in a tight situation.

The ever-expanding scope of Resident Evil has lost its appeal; it was more interesting and horror-filled when we were creeping down the halls of the Arklay Mansion, or wearily crossing the zombie ridden streets of Racoon City. Resident Evil 5 follows Sheva Alomar and Resident Evil veteran Chris Redfield in their tracing the trail of a biological weapons deal which, to Chris’ surprise, involves the likes of Albert Wesker who was believed to be dead. All in all it was an unecessary story to tell. Bringing Wesker back after the events in RE4  foiled a more satisfying conclusion than you’re provided with in 5, AND its a much better game. If you like Resident Evil as much as I do then you’ll be dissatisfied to experience how far RE5 strays from the roots of Resident Evil.


  1. July 12, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    I like your post, but I would have to disagree. RE5 was just under RE4 for best in series. The behind camera view and the many options with the game were brilliant. As far as plot, it was definetly new and exciting. You can only do so much with zombies and experimentation, and RE5 brought a new aspect towards that.

    The gameplay and graphics were as well, superior. Very challenging and fun to take on the hordes of enemies and to beat some of the bosses. Never got boring and the guns were fun to use. I also loved that you could change weapons in the menu. I think the only real downfall was when playing single player, your partner’s AI was quite bad. Hard to get her/him to react with you or even save him/her in certain situations. A lot better to play with someone else.

    But it was a great RE for the franchise.

  2. July 12, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    yea that was a huge thing for me. It seems a lot of people sort of forget to supply ammo and health etc.. to your partner and it really could end up MAKING or BREAKING you in a tight situation. At times when you find yourself in short supply and in a room full of zombies you couldnt manage without a comfortable amount of ammo, its tough to rely on/borrow from your partner when all the weapons/ammo/health pickups throughout the game are never shared. That would probably be the biggest tip when people are teeing off on this game: dont forget about your partner.

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